Rangs Symphony

DateJune 2018
ClientRangs Properties Ltd

Our clients find unexpected benefits as a result of us applying certain principles to a project. Symphony was built with sustainability in mind. Energy and water efficiency were incorporated, and the commitment to nontoxic materials was followed in everything we did.

Quality of life is the bedrock of a sound architectural plan, both for new construction and remodeling projects. Ensuring proper ventilation to keep air circulating, the use of fresh air intake locations, filtration systems and certified building materials all contribute to an air quality plan that keeps people healthy and can improve their lives.

Indoor air quality isn’t so much ignored as it’s overlooked; and it shouldn’t be. Studies performed in recent years have consistently ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health, particularly in Dhaka.

A mastery of artisan and architectural alignments, both with the lights and of use of spaces- a place like no other. Your home is the solace of your souls, and we try to keep things elegant, lit in style and spacious for you to think of the wilderness.